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Wikaniko Distributor Introduction

We are a fast growing team of distributors with a local support network in Cambridgeshire and an online National Network stretching from Scotland in the north, to Kent in the southeast. Our commitment is to work together and to build a better future for everyone.

How We Are Different

Unlike others in this type of business, we think that it is better to continually support and promote each other rather than treating other distributors as competition. And you know what? It’s working. Teamwork shares the load and makes things a lot easier for everyone.

This Is How We Do It

We share our leads, we share our prospects and we help each other out by way of ongoing referrals. Plus we share our new recruits by handing them over to others in the team to nurture and support. The principle we aim to adopt is for every fifth person we recruit, to hand them over to someone in our team who is working hard but needs a boost. This is because the best way to build our teams is to work as a team.

This might seem like a strange way of working for Independent Distributors who are self-employed, but the way we see it is like this. There are a lot of independent people out there struggling to make a living entirely on their own. What holds them back is the fact they are struggling on their own by being just a little bit too independent. When all they need is some support and assistance from their own peers and then to give a little back to others to enable them to reap the rewards too.

We Need People Like You

What we need is people who are prepared to invest a little of their time, little of their money, a lot of their enthusiasm, to share our own dreams and aspirations, for a better future for everyone.

The Wikaniko Business

The Wikaniko business itself is very simple. Replication of the business is the key to success. Many new distributors come along with their own great ideas of how they are going to take on the world by storm, by trying to re-invent the business model that has been proven to work. But all the information is there in the online training. Your team managers will guide and support you. There really is no need to try to reinvent the wheel.

But It Gets Better

The icing on the cake though is that these days it seems, everyone you speak to wants to go green in one form or another. Whether that be using solar energy, using less fossil fuel, consuming less, using earth friendly products, or just saving money. That is exactly the business we are in. Selling our products is easy, in fact it is so easy that the selling is done by simply discussing green issues, handing out a catalogue to anyone who is interested in looking at it, and then arranging to collect it.

And Better

The cherry on the icing on the cake is that ‘eco-friendly’ has become not only acceptable, but actually fashionable nowadays and is often seen as a commodity which all people aspire to having whatever their background. Doing green, being green and also being seen by their peers to being greener. How could it be possible to fail in a business supplying something, which everybody wants and at prices which everyone can afford?

Sustainability Repair Re-use Recycle & Eco-Friendly

Which brings us on to sustainability. Saving money, using less, repairing, re-using, recycling and being more eco-friendly. In these hard pressed times where family’s budgets are being squeezed, not only is it fashionable to be sustainable and eco-friendly, it is actually a very good way to have more, by spending less on pointless wasteful consumable items, which cost the earth. This incessant desire perpetuated by politicians to expand the economy, for more growth, more exports, more productivity leads to a few winners and everyone else loses, including future generations. So while we all want bulging bank accounts, we think we can achieve that in a better way. That is, the Wikaniko way.

During A Worldwide Financial Crisis

The fact that we are in the middle of a worldwide financial crisis, with the Euro teetering on the verge of collapse with bailouts for Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece, the UK stock market low, unemployment high, and all this talk of austerity measures, all this only serves to support and promote our own ethos in what we are doing.

So Lets Look At What Wikaniko Can Do

  • Help you become greener
  • Help you make extra income
  • Help you increase your status amongst your peer group
  • Help you increase your wealth with a residual and ongoing income
  • Help you increase your sense of well-being by doing something good
  • Help you to help others do the same

Lets Look At What Wikaniko Cannot Do

  • Make you wealthy overnight

Although if you share our passion and enthusiasm you will be a lot better off than when you started out!

So how does it work?

Customers buy from catalogues as a personal customer or they may buy online via the website.

If the customer wants to make even bigger savings on all their purchases, they can become a distributor too, buy at wholesale prices, receive a personal volume bonus, and also receive an override commission on any customer they sign up. This repeats for eight levels under the current income plan, which means that any distributor who works hard building their customer base and their team can achieve a tidy income as a result.

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